Does your face need a lift?

Have you ever tried microcurrent!? This amazing treatment is like a workout for the face!! 💪🏽

Being hailed as a “natural facelift” and non-toxic Botox alternative this treatment lifts the muscles in the face and tightens sagging skin, creating a more youthful appearance; microcurrent therapy is the most effective method of preserving youth and getting rid of age-related changes in the face, as they act on the cellular level. At Wells Cared For Luxury Skincare, the course of treatments is desirable to be held every 4-6 weeks of 6 sessions for best results and 12 sessions for skin with lots of acne and unevenness!

This treatment is popular and effective method of skin rejuvenation without surgery. The treatment is based on soft impact of weak electrical pulses on the skin, lymphatic and blood vessels, as well as muscles to restore their functioning. The therapy is recommended to eliminate wrinkles, for dry, aging skin care of face and body, treatment of pigment spots, acne and comedones, breast lifting and buttocks, anti-cellulite programs and a few other skin problems.

Electrochemical processes constantly take place in our body, which ensure our vital activity. With the help of microcurrents, imitation of bio currents is taken place, thereby stimulating the natural course of electrochemical processes. That is why the microcurrent therapy is considered the safest and at the same time effective method.

This treatment does not have a direct effect on the muscles, does not cause their reduction, in contrast to electromyostimulation. Muscle fibers are restored due to a complex of processes occurring in the cells. All this makes it possible to restore muscles which significantly improves facial skin conditions (removes or reduces the "second chin", corrects the facial contours). The effect of microcurrents on the lymphatic and circulatory system of the face promotes lymphatic drainage and venous outflow, reducing swelling and eliminating dark circles under the eyes, and improving the complexion, by removing toxins and oxygen saturation. Microcurrent therapy is an excellent preventive against Rosacea. In addition, this technique increases penetration of nutrients and solutions into the deep skin layers.

Reprogramming of mimic muscles - the treatment helps to restore the tone and nourishment of facial muscles. It is an excellent alternative to Botox injections. Microcurrents relax the muscles at a deep level. As a result, the number of wrinkles is significantly reduced. In addition, it is an excellent prevention of the appearance of new wrinkles. This technique makes it possible to rejuvenate facial skin without surgery, eliminate puffiness, smooth out scarring, and reduce pores.

What it does at a glance?

âś… Reduces back, neck, and joint pain

âś…Increases oxygenated blood flow to tissues

âś…Grows new nerves

âś…Lessens headaches

âś…Improves fibromyalgia symptoms

âś…Tones the skin and stimulates collagen production

âś…Skin is left feeling tighter, toned and plump

Give it a try! Once you try it out, I guarantee you will be hooked!!! 🎣 The results are seen and felt instantly. #wellscaredfor #microcurrentfacial #microcurrent #facial #esthetician #estheticianlife #spa #spalife #fayettevillenc #facelift #toneitup #tightenup #lift #veganskincare


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